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lahari pathivada missing

The McKinney, Texas community is currently in a state of distress as they strive to locate Lahari Pathivada, a 25-year-old student attending the University of Texas in Dallas. Lahari Pathivada has gone missing, causing significant concern for both the authorities and her loved ones regarding her well-being. The disappearance of Lahari has created a worrisome incident that has instilled fear within the community.

Details Regarding Lahari’s Disappearance:

  • Last observed in McKinney, Texas
  • Her missing status was shared by the WoW Community Group on Facebook
  • Her last known location, as determined through phone tracking, was in Oklahoma
  • An urgent plea for any information pertaining to her whereabouts
  • Lahari: A devoted and ambitious student
  • Currently studying at the University of Texas in Dallas
  • Deeply committed to her academic pursuits
  • A promising and ambitious individual

The Investigation:

  • Law enforcement authorities are making every effort to locate her
  • The family is closely collaborating with the authorities
  • The community is actively providing support in the search for Lahari
  • It is imperative to locate her without delay

The disappearance of Lahari Pathivada, a 25-year-old student from the University of Texas in Dallas, has profoundly impacted the McKinney, Texas community. Her last known whereabouts were in McKinney, a city in Collin County, Texas. The WoW community group on Facebook was responsible for bringing her missing status to public attention, and her friend, AJ Gonzales, also shared the news of her disappearance on Facebook.

AJ Gonzales reported that Lahari, who resides in the Dallas area, was last tracked via her phone to Oklahoma. Concerned about her well-being, her friends and loved ones are actively searching for her. They have issued an appeal to anyone who may have sighted her or possesses any information regarding her location to promptly contact the McKinney Police Department.

The police are tirelessly working to locate Lahari, and her family is providing close cooperation in their efforts. Every conceivable lead and possibility is being thoroughly investigated. The news of her disappearance has been extensively shared, resulting in numerous individuals, including friends, acquaintances, and strangers, joining forces to aid in the search for her.

Lahari, a 25-year-old resident of the Dallas area, was an ardent student at the University of Texas. She approached her studies with dedication and ambition, aspiring to forge a successful career for herself. Unfortunately, her hopeful journey took an alarming turn when she disappeared without leaving any evidence or clues. As each day passes without any sign of Lahari, the urgency to locate her intensifies.

The investigation took a significant turn when the last known location of her phone was traced to Oklahoma. This sudden and unexplained change in her whereabouts has heightened concerns for her safety, leaving everyone feeling anxious and desperate for answers.

Lahari’s disappearance has had a profound impact on the community, prompting them to unite and gather any information that might assist in locating her. The community must lend its support and share any pertinent information to aid in the search for Lahari. It is of utmost importance to bring her back to her loved ones and ensure her safety.


The disappearance of Lahari Pathivada has raised concerns among her friends and the community at large. Law enforcement authorities are diligently working to locate her, and her family is cooperating closely with their efforts. The community has come together, providing support and sharing any valuable information to aid in the search for Lahari. It is crucial to reunite her with her loved ones and ensure her safety.

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