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allan kassenoff and catherine youssef kassenoff obituary

allan kassenoff and catherine youssef kassenoff life has been embroiled in a tumultuous divorce and custody dispute with her former husband, Allan Kassenoff. Catherine, a former federal prosecutor and attorney, has faced numerous challenges in her battle for custody of their three daughters. However, recent events have cast a shadow of uncertainty over Catherine’s well-being.

The Divorce and Custody Dispute

Allan Kassenoff and Catherine’s marriage began in November 2006, but it wasn’t long before troubles arose. In February 2016, Catherine was allegedly assaulted by Allan in their home, leading to her hospitalization. Despite the incident, the couple continued to live together, albeit under the declaration of an “open marriage.”

During their time together, Allan managed to gain unauthorized access to Catherine’s personal information, including her Apple ID and password. He secretly monitored her emails and text messages for years, eventually leading to his decision to file for divorce in 2019.

Court Involvement and Custody Battle

The divorce proceedings took a bitter turn when Allan accused Catherine of manipulating their daughters to fabricate abuse allegations. He filed for an ex-parte order to remove Catherine from their home and gain temporary custody of the children. Allan meticulously selected texts and emails that portrayed Catherine as an alienator while conveniently omitting evidence of his own abusive behavior.

The court granted Allan’s request, resulting in Catherine’s removal from their home and the children being placed under his custody. This decision had a profound impact on Catherine’s life, forcing her to face a challenging battle for the well-being of her daughters.

Legal Proceedings and Therapeutic Interventions

The court appointed Carol Most as the children’s attorney, along with Dr. Marc Abrams as the custody evaluator. Abrams conducted a forensic evaluation, but Catherine’s claims of Allan’s abuse seemingly fell on deaf ears. The children pleaded with the evaluator to let them live with their mother, emphasizing their father’s abusive behavior. Unfortunately, Abrams seemed to prioritize selectively chosen texts from Catherine’s communication, further complicating the situation.

In March 2020, Abrams issued a custody evaluation report that portrayed Catherine as a parental alienator, recommending limited contact with the children. Subsequently, an ex-parte order was issued, excluding Catherine from her home and granting Allan temporary sole custody.

Therapeutic interventions were introduced through the selection of Susan Adler and Carolyn McGuffog as the children’s therapists. However, conflicting recommendations and the significant financial gains from therapy raised questions about their impartiality and effectiveness.

Controversies and Misconduct

Catherine’s battle took another turn when she decided to sue Dr. Adler for fraudulent inducement. The lawsuit aimed to shed light on the therapist’s questionable practices and potentially biased opinions.

In a surprising twist, Dr. Marc Abrams, the previously appointed custody evaluator, was removed from the case due to allegations of gross misconduct. Reports surfaced of Abrams asking inappropriate sexual questions during custody interviews, raising concerns about the integrity of the evaluation process. Forensic evaluator Kathleen McKay was subsequently appointed to provide an updated report.

Unjust Eviction and Legal Bias

Despite the mounting challenges, Catherine managed to regain some stability by renting a three-bedroom apartment near her children. However, Allan once again employed legal measures to target her. With a judge’s support, he obtained an ex-parte temporary order of protection, requiring Catherine to vacate her apartment due to its proximity to the children. This unjust eviction left Catherine homeless and deprived of her belongings.

Legal bias became increasingly apparent as Catherine faced differential treatment compared to Allan. Judge Lubell, who presided over the case, displayed a clear bias against Catherine after Dr. Abrams was removed from the evaluator panel. The judge’s personal relationship with Abrams contributed to this bias, resulting in unfavorable treatment for Catherine.

Catherine’s Arrest and Professional Consequences

In a distressing turn of events, Catherine found herself arrested by the Larchmont police based on false allegations made by Allan. The incident took place when Catherine was near her daughter’s school, getting into her car. The arrest not only resulted in her temporary confinement but also had severe professional consequences. Catherine, who held the position of special counsel to the NY governor’s office for seven years, was fired from her job shortly after her arrest.

Catherine contested the charges and eventually had them dismissed in court. However, her prolonged separation from her children since June 2021 had a profound impact on her emotional well-being and personal life.

Continued Challenges and Allegations

Catherine’s struggle continued as she pursued legal actions against Carol Most, the court-appointed attorney for the children. She alleged unethical conduct on Most’s part, leading to Most’s removal from the case. Furthermore, a significant portion of Most’s invoice for services on behalf of the children was denied, highlighting the court’s acknowledgment of potential misconduct.

Recent Incidents and Conclusion

Despite the complexities and hardships, Catherine’s determination remained unwavering. However, recent incidents have added to her ordeal. During her daughter’s skating lesson, Catherine encountered Allan, resulting in a heated confrontation. Allan escalated the situation by falsely claiming the existence of a restraining order, prompting a 911 call and police intervention.

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