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florida immigration protest

On Thursday, across Florida, an extraordinary scene unfolded as workers from construction sites, tomato fields, and various small businesses did not report for work. Restaurants, shops, and other establishments remained closed, leaving many puzzled and curious about the reason behind this sudden disruption. This day marked a powerful protest against a new state law that imposed restrictions on undocumented immigrants. Organizers coined this event as “a day without immigrants.” Let’s delve into the events that transpired in different parts of Florida, showcasing the collective voice of the immigrant community.

Orlando: Demonstrations at a Busy Intersection

In the vibrant city of Orlando, dozens of protesters took to the streets, making their presence known at a busy intersection near the office of a state lawmaker who had championed the restrictive law. Notably, some protesters drove trucks adorned with small construction cranes, symbolizing the essential role immigrants play in the construction industry.

Immokalee: A Resounding March

Located in southwest Florida, Immokalee is renowned for its tomato fields. Here, hundreds of protesters, many with their families, united to march through the town, voicing their concerns and demands. Chanting slogans and carrying signs, they demonstrated their resilience and determination to protect the rights of immigrants.

Fort Lauderdale: Restaurant Closure and Flag-Waving Protest

In Fort Lauderdale, opponents of the law expressed their dissent by chanting slogans and waving flags outside Isis Cordova’s Latin cuisine restaurant. In solidarity with the cause, her establishment remained closed during the protest. Cordova, who had successfully acquired legal status in the country, spoke about her motivation to stand up for those who lack a voice and understand the fears and struggles faced by undocumented immigrants.

The Impact of A Day Without Immigrants

The absence of immigrant workers and businesses across Florida sent a resounding message to lawmakers and the public alike. It shed light on the invaluable contributions made by immigrants in various sectors of society, including construction, agriculture, and small businesses. By staging this unified protest, immigrants sought to challenge the discriminatory aspects of the new state law and draw attention to the necessity of comprehensive immigration reform.


1. What was the purpose of the protest?

The protest aimed to draw attention to a new state law that imposed restrictions on undocumented immigrants, highlighting the essential role immigrants play in Florida’s economy and society.

2. How did the protesters demonstrate their dissent?

Protesters employed various means to express their dissent, including demonstrations, marches, and the closure of businesses, such as restaurants and shops.

3. Did the protest affect daily life in Florida?

Yes, the absence of workers at construction sites, tomato fields, and small businesses disrupted regular operations and raised awareness about the impact immigrants have on these sectors.

4. What did the protesters hope to achieve?

The protesters sought to challenge the new state law, advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, and emphasize the importance of recognizing and valuing the contributions made by immigrants.

5. How did this protest impact the immigrant community?

The protest served as a platform for immigrants to assert their rights and demand fair treatment, fostering a sense of solidarity and empowerment within the community.

6. Will this protest lead to any policy changes in florida?

While it is difficult to predict immediate policy changes, the protest succeeded in bringing the issue to the forefront of public consciousness and increasing pressure on lawmakers to address immigration reform.


The “a day without immigrants” protest that unfolded across Florida made a powerful statement about the value of immigrants and their contributions to society. The absence of workers and the closure of businesses served as a reminder that immigrants are an integral part of Florida’s economy and culture.

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