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Zane Breakiron Death: A Loss for the Community

Zane Breakiron Death: A Loss for the Community

Zane Breakiron: Introduction

The community mourns the unexpected loss of Zane Breakiron, a highly respected officer from the Morgantown Police Department. Zane’s sudden passing has left a void in the hearts of his family, friends, and the community he served. This article serves as a tribute to Zane Breakiron, highlighting his remarkable personality, academic accomplishments, and unwavering dedication to his career.

Announcement of Zane Breakiron’s passing

On June 3rd, 2023, the news of Zane Breakiron’s passing sent shockwaves through social media platforms. Ashley Show, deeply affected by the loss, took to Facebook to express her grief, saying, “Zane Breakiron my God… I am gonna miss you. RIP.” As of now, the cause of Zane Breakiron’s death remains unknown, intensifying the shock and sorrow experienced by those who knew him.

Remembering Zane Breakiron

Zane Breakiron’s infectious personality and humor

One of the defining traits of Zane Breakiron was his unique and jovial personality. He never hesitated to be his authentic self, and his friends treasured his ability to bring laughter into their lives. Zane Breakiron possessed a gift for humor, brightening the days of everyone fortunate enough to be in his presence. His quick wit and lighthearted nature made him a true joy to be around.

Zane Breakiron’s passion for his beloved dog

Beyond his professional pursuits, Zane Breakiron had an unwavering passion for life. He embraced every opportunity with enthusiasm and curiosity, always seeking to master new endeavors. Zane Breakiron’s love for his dog was evident to all who witnessed their bond. He nurtured a special connection with his furry companion, demonstrating the same level of care and devotion in his personal life as he did in his professional endeavors.

Early life and education

Zane Breakiron was born and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, a place he proudly called home throughout his life. He pursued higher education at the University of Tennessee, focusing his studies on Exercise Physiology. Later, Zane Breakiron continued his academic journey at East Carolina University, where he expanded his knowledge and honed his skills. His pursuit of knowledge culminated at the University of Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences. During his time in Florida, Zane Breakiron made significant contributions to the Health and Human Performance College, accumulating numerous accolades.

Academic achievements and athletic career

Zane Breakiron’s dedication extended beyond the classroom. He actively engaged with student-athlete-run groups, such as Gator Grind and the Florida Letterman Award committee. These involvements showcased his commitment to both athletic pursuits and the overall well-being of the university community. Additionally, Zane Breakiron excelled as a four-year letter winner on the Track and Field Team, specializing in the javelin throw. His athletic achievements mirrored his academic accomplishments, underscoring his determination and drive to succeed in all aspects of life.

Career and contributions

Work as a Chiropractic Technician

Following his academic journey, Zane Breakiron embarked on a career as a Chiropractic Technician at Uniontown Chiropractic Center in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In this role, he provided valuable assistance to patients, contributing to their well-being through chiropractic care. Zane Breakiron’s unwavering dedication to helping others was evident in his work, and his contributions to the center were highly regarded.

Career aspirations in Medical Sales

Zane Breakiron held ambitious career goals and had set his sights on the field of Medical Sales. He envisioned utilizing his knowledge and interpersonal skills to make a positive impact in the industry. Zane Breakiron’s passion for serving others aligned perfectly with this career path, and he was determined to excel in his chosen field.

Role at the Morgantown Police Department

Zane Breakiron’s dedication to public service led him to join the Morgantown Police Department, where he was assigned to “Zone 10,” which encompassed the Euro-Suites Hotel. He fulfilled parking lot security inspections at the request of hotel employees, ensuring the safety of both guests and staff. Zane Breakiron’s vigilance and unwavering commitment to his duties reflected his strong dedication to protecting and serving the community.


The untimely passing of Zane Breakiron has left a profound void in the lives of his loved ones and the community at large. Zane Breakiron will be fondly remembered for his infectious personality, unwavering dedication, and remarkable achievements. His impact as an officer, student, athlete, and friend will continue to inspire those who had the privilege of crossing paths with him.


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4. How can I honor Zane Breakiron’s memory?

To honor Zane Breakiron’s memory, you can contribute to causes he cared about or support organizations related to law enforcement or animal welfare. Participating in community events that promote safety and well-being is also a meaningful way to remember his dedication to serving others.

5. Is there a way to donate to a memorial fund for Zane Breakiron?

To inquire about a memorial fund or donation options in honor of Zane Breakiron, it is best to reach out to his family or the Morgantown Police Department. They can provide you with the relevant information regarding any established funds or initiatives.

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