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john lennon murder | John Lennon Assassination

The Controversial Theory Surrounding John Lennon’s Assassination

John Lennon murder: The year was 1980, and the world was left in shock when John Lennon, the iconic lead singer of The Beatles, was tragically shot and killed in Central Park West, New York. The immediate assumption was that Mark David Chapman, a disturbed individual, was the sole perpetrator of this heinous act. However, a British author and TV presenter named David Whelan has recently unveiled a groundbreaking theory that challenges this widely accepted narrative.

Mark David Chapman
Mark David Chapman’s conviction | Image source: https://cdn.britannica.com/

In his upcoming documentary and book, ‘Gimme Some Truth – The Assassination of John Lennon,’ Whelan claims that Chapman may, in fact, be innocent of the murder. According to Whelan, there is substantial evidence suggesting the involvement of a second, more professionally trained shooter. This revelation has ignited controversy and rekindled the public’s curiosity about the true events surrounding Lennon’s untimely demise.

The official narrative

For over four decades, the official narrative of John Lennon’s assassination has revolved around Mark David Chapman as the lone gunman. It is widely believed that Chapman, who had been stalking Lennon for some time, took advantage of a moment when the musician was returning to his apartment with his wife, Yoko Ono, and fired fatal shots from behind. The shocking nature of the crime and the seemingly straightforward explanation of a deranged individual taking a celebrity’s life have cemented this account in the public consciousness.

David Whelan’s theory

Contrary to the official narrative, David Whelan’s theory challenges the notion that Chapman acted alone. Whelan argues that there is a lack of truth in the widely accepted belief that Lennon was shot from behind by Chapman. Instead, he posits that Lennon was actually shot in the chest from the front by a highly skilled and trained assassin. Whelan’s theory suggests that this second shooter was responsible for the fatal blow that ended Lennon’s life, while Chapman played a different, perhaps lesser, role in the sequence of events.

Evidence supporting Whelan’s theory

Whelan’s theory is not without supporting evidence. He conducted interviews with key witnesses, including Dr. David Halleran, the surgeon who attempted to save Lennon’s life, as well as the two nurses, Barbara Kammerer and Dea Sato, who worked tirelessly to help the musician at Roosevelt Hospital. Their accounts offer a different perspective on the wounds sustained by Lennon and raise questions about the direction from which the fatal shot was fired. Whelan also points to discrepancies in the crime scene and forensic evidence that warrant further investigation.

Dismissal of Whelan’s theory

While Whelan’s theory has gained attention, it has faced strong opposition from those who dismiss it outright. Dave Wedge, co-author of ‘The Last Days of John Lennon,’ has been particularly critical, referring to Whelan’s theory as a fantasy. Wedge, along with others, asserts that all available case files and confessions clearly indicate that Chapman was the sole gunman. According to Wedge, there is no reason to doubt Chapman’s guilt, as he has repeatedly confessed to the crime and even expressed remorse.

Mark David Chapman’s conviction

The conviction of Mark David Chapman further solidifies the belief that he was solely responsible for Lennon’s murder. After briefly considering an insanity defense, Chapman ultimately pleaded guilty to the charges. He is currently serving a 20-years-to-life sentence at Green Haven Correctional Facility in upstate New York and has been denied parole on at least 12 occasions. The legal proceedings surrounding Chapman’s conviction seemed to provide closure to the case and reinforce the idea that he acted alone.

The controversy continues

Despite Chapman’s conviction and the dismissal of Whelan’s theory by some, the controversy surrounding Lennon’s assassination persists. Whelan’s perspective has sparked debates and reignited public interest in the case. Many people remain fascinated by the possibility of a deeper conspiracy or hidden truths regarding this tragic event. The ongoing discussions and exploration of alternative theories keep the memory of John Lennon and the quest for justice alive.


The murder of John Lennon in 1980 shook the world to its core. Decades later, David Whelan’s theory challenging the official narrative has rekindled interest and reignited debates about the true events that unfolded on that fateful night. While some dismiss Whelan’s theory, others find his evidence compelling and believe that further investigation is warranted. The enduring mystery surrounding Lennon’s assassination serves as a reminder of the impact he had on the world and the questions that still surround his untimely death. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the case, Whelan’s documentary and book offer an alternative perspective worth exploring.


FAQ 1: How did David Whelan come up with the theory of a second shooter?

David Whelan’s theory emerged after extensive research and interviews with key witnesses involved in John Lennon’s murder. Their accounts and the examination of forensic evidence led Whelan to question the official narrative and propose the involvement of a second shooter.

FAQ 2: Has any new evidence been discovered to support Whelan’s theory?

Whelan’s theory is primarily based on reevaluating existing evidence rather than uncovering new evidence. However, the interviews he conducted with medical personnel involved in Lennon’s treatment and the analysis of crime scene discrepancies provide a fresh perspective on the case.

FAQ 3: What are the main criticisms of Whelan’s theory?

Critics argue that Whelan’s theory lacks substantial evidence and that all available case files and confessions point to Mark David Chapman as the sole gunman. They believe that Whelan’s claims are speculative and fail to withstand scrutiny.

FAQ 4: Why was Mark David Chapman convicted if there is doubt about his guilt?

Mark David Chapman was convicted based on his guilty plea and the overwhelming evidence against him. While there may be doubt surrounding certain

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