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is bts breaking up or bts renewed contract ? Future plans of BTS after 2024

Is BTS breaking up or BTS renewed contract ?

BTS, the global phenomenon in the music industry, has not yet made an official announcement regarding the renewal of their contract with BigHit Music. As fans eagerly anticipate news about the future of the group, speculations and reports have surfaced, suggesting that the members are engaged in discussions regarding contract renewal. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding BTS’s contract status, their potential plans, and the implications for their musical journey.

BTS’s Current Contract with BigHit Music

BTS signed their initial contract with BigHit Music, now known as HYBE Corporation, which propelled them to international stardom. The group’s current contract is set to expire in 2024, leaving fans wondering about their future as a collective unit.

Reports of Contract Renewal Talks

While there is no official confirmation from BTS or their agency regarding contract renewal, several reports have surfaced indicating ongoing discussions between the members and the management. These reports offer a glimmer of hope to fans who wish to see the group continue their musical journey together.

Potential Reasons for Delayed Decision

One possible reason for the delay in contract renewal could be the group’s recent hiatus. In October 2022, BTS announced their temporary break to focus on individual projects and recharge creatively. It is plausible that the members may want to take the time during this hiatus to evaluate their options and consider their individual career paths before making a collective decision.

The Possibility of Non-Renewal

Although BTS has achieved unprecedented success as a group, there have been instances where the members have expressed openness to the idea of disbandment after their contracts expire. In 2019, RM, the group’s leader, mentioned that he would consider disbanding BTS once their contracts reached completion. While this statement stirred concern among fans, it is essential to acknowledge that circumstances and individual perspectives can evolve over time.

BTS’s Future Plans

Despite the uncertainty surrounding contract renewal, BTS’s dedication to their craft and their desire to continue working together are evident. The group has repeatedly emphasized their commitment to their fans and expressed a shared vision for the future. It is plausible that BTS will opt to renew their contracts, potentially for a shorter duration or under revised terms that grant them more artistic freedom and flexibility.

Fans’ Reactions and Expectations

As BTS’s fanbase, commonly known as the ARMY, anxiously awaits news about the contract renewal, they continue to show unwavering support and love for the group. The ARMY remains hopeful that BTS will choose to continue their journey as a seven-member ensemble, but they also understand and respect the individual aspirations of each member. Their dedication and loyalty will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping BTS’s decision.


The decision regarding the renewal of BTS’s contract rests solely with the members themselves. As global superstars, they face the challenge of balancing their collective ambitions with their individual aspirations. While fans eagerly await official news, it is clear that BTS’s impact on the music industry is profound, and their journey is far from over.


1. When does BTS’s current contract with BigHit Music expire? BTS’s current contract with BigHit Music is set to expire in 2024.

2. Are there any official reports of contract renewal? As of now, there have been no official reports from BTS or their agency regarding contract renewal. However, there have been speculations and reports suggesting ongoing discussions.

3. What could be the reason for the delayed decision on contract renewal? BTS’s recent hiatus and their focus on individual projects may contribute to the delayed decision on contract renewal. The members might be taking this time to explore their solo endeavors before making a collective choice.

4. Is there a possibility that BTS will not renew their contracts? While it is a possibility, BTS’s commitment to their fans and their shared vision for the future suggest that contract renewal is likely. However, individual perspectives and circumstances can influence the final decision.

5. How have fans reacted to the uncertainty surrounding contract renewal? BTS’s fans, known as the ARMY, continue to support the group wholeheartedly, expressing their hope for the renewal of their contracts. They understand and respect the individual career aspirations of each member, which might influence the ultimate decision.

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