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Cryptocurrency News | jesse powell crypto: Kraken Co-Founder Jesse Powell Faces Federal Investigation, 1 of the oldest cryptocurrency

Kraken Co-Founder Jesse Powell Faces Federal Investigation for Alleged Hacking and Cyberstalking of Non-Profit: A Detailed Overview

Jesse Powell crypto: In recent news, Jesse Powell, the co-founder of the renowned crypto exchange Kraken, is currently under investigation by Federal law enforcement. The investigation stems from allegations that Powell engaged in hacking and cyberstalking activities targeting a non-profit organization that he himself founded. This article aims to provide an overview of the situation and shed light on the latest developments surrounding the investigation.

Jesse Powell, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry, has recently come under scrutiny due to allegations of hacking and cyberstalking directed at Verge Center for the Arts, a non-profit organization he co-founded. The investigation, led by Federal law enforcement agencies, seeks to uncover the truth behind these claims and determine whether Powell engaged in any unlawful activities.

Allegations against Jesse Powell

The New York Times recently reported that Verge Center for the Arts has accused Jesse Powell of hindering its computer accounts, resulting in restricted access to important emails and other messages. The allegations raise concerns about Powell’s involvement in tampering with the organization’s digital infrastructure, potentially violating privacy and security protocols.

The Investigation Begins

In response to the serious allegations, Federal agents carried out a search of Powell’s home in Brentwood, located in Los Angeles’ Westside. The search involved the seizure of various electronic devices. The investigation, which began in the fall and involves the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office for the Northern District of California, aims to gather evidence and determine the extent of Powell’s involvement, if any.

Powell’s Response and Legal Battle

Jesse Powell’s legal representative, Brandon Fox from Jenner & Block, released a statement asserting Powell’s innocence. According to Fox, Verge’s account of the events is one-sided and fails to provide a complete and accurate picture of the situation. Fox categorically stated that Powell has “done nothing wrong” and emphasized that the investigation is unrelated to Powell’s employment or conduct within the cryptocurrency industry.

In an attempt to assert his rights, Powell filed a lawsuit against Verge in the California Superior Court. The lawsuit claims that he still possesses rightful access to the email accounts and remains a board member of the organization. Powell’s legal team aims to challenge the allegations and prove his innocence through the legal process.

Verge’s Stance

Verge Center for the Arts, on the other hand, has refuted Powell’s claims as baseless. According to The New York Times, representatives from Verge maintain that Powell violated the organization’s “guiding principles,” leading to his removal from the board in 2022. However, Verge has yet to provide an official response to CoinDesk’s request for comment on the matter.


The investigation into Jesse Powell’s alleged involvement in hacking and cyberstalking activities targeting Verge Center for the Arts is ongoing. While Powell maintains his innocence and asserts that the allegations are unrelated to his work in the cryptocurrency industry, the full details and outcome of the investigation remain to be seen. As the legal battle unfolds, the crypto community watches closely to see how this situation will impact both Powell’s reputation and the future of Kraken.


Q1: What is Jesse Powell’s role in the cryptocurrency industry? Jesse Powell is the co-founder of Kraken, a well-known crypto exchange.

Q2: What are the allegations against Jesse Powell? Powell has been accused of hacking and cyberstalking the non-profit organization Verge Center for the Arts, which he co-founded.

Q3: Is Jesse Powell facing any charges at the moment? As of now, Jesse Powell has not been charged with any crimes.

Q4: What is Verge Center for the Arts’ response to the allegations? Verge Center for the Arts has dismissed Powell’s claims and maintains that he violated the organization’s guiding principles, leading to his removal from the board.

Q5: How is Kraken responding to the investigation? According to a Kraken spokesperson, the exchange is aware of the civil dispute, investigation, and search warrants. The spokesperson emphasized that Kraken is not part of the investigation, and it does not concern Jesse Powell’s affiliation with the exchange.

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