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one piece 1088 spoiler | one piece scan 1087

One Piece 1088 Spoiler: “The Siblings’ Bond”

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Flashback: A Dream of Becoming a Shogun
  3. The Present Battle: Momonosuke’s Determination
  4. Yamato’s Resolve against Big Mom
  5. Rumored Details and Speculations
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Introduction – One Piece “The Siblings’ Bond”

The highly anticipated chapter 1088 of “One Piece,” titled “The Siblings’ Bond,” offers readers an exciting continuation of the ongoing battle. As the Straw Hat crew faces off against the formidable foes, new revelations and intense confrontations are expected. In this article, we will delve into the chapter’s content, focusing on key events and potential surprises.

Flashback: A Dream of Becoming a Shogun

Chapter 1088 opens with a poignant flashback to Momonosuke’s childhood, where he converses with his father, Kozuki Oden. The young heir expresses his desire to become a shogun, to which Oden responds with wisdom. He advises Momonosuke that achieving his dream requires strength and courage.

The Present Battle: Momonosuke’s Determination

Returning to the present, the chapter immerses readers in the intense battle between Momonosuke and Kaido. Despite his fatigue, Momonosuke draws strength from his father’s words. He realizes that he must embody strength to protect his people and carries on the fight against the powerful Yonko.

Yamato’s Resolve against Big Mom

Simultaneously, Yamato, the daughter of Kaido, engages in a fierce combat with Big Mom. Driven by the memories of her father’s mistreatment, she remains resolute in her determination to prevent Kaido from harming others. With unwavering resolve, Yamato fights valiantly, aiming to defeat her opponent.

Rumored Details and Speculations

While the chapter’s content is yet to be officially confirmed, several rumors and speculations have circulated among the fans. Here are some of the rumored details:

  1. Chapter 1088 will be followed by a brief hiatus, allowing readers time to reflect on the intense events and anticipate the next installment.
  2. The chapter might include a flashback, shedding light on the meeting between Sabo and Dragon, adding depth to the Revolutionary Army’s narrative.
  3. Readers may expect further revelations about the enigmatic Imu and the secrets surrounding their character.

It’s essential to note that these details are speculative and subject to change. Fans should eagerly await the official release of Chapter 1088 on July 24, 2023, to discover the true content and surprises it holds.

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Chapter 1088 of “One Piece” titled “The Siblings’ Bond” promises a thrilling continuation of the ongoing battle. As Momonosuke and Yamato face their adversaries, their determination and resilience shine through. Fans eagerly await the release of this chapter to witness the next chapter of their journey.


1. When will Chapter 1088 of “One Piece” be released? Chapter 1088 is scheduled for official release on July 24, 2023.

2. Will there be a break after Chapter 1088? Yes, it has been rumored that a brief hiatus will follow Chapter 1088, allowing fans time to process the events and build anticipation for the upcoming chapters.

3. Are there any flashbacks in Chapter 1088? Yes, the chapter includes a flashback to the time when Sabo met Dragon, offering insights into the Revolutionary Army’s narrative.

4. Will Chapter 1088 reveal more about the Imu secret? According to rumors, Chapter 1088 might unveil further details about the enigmatic Imu and the secrets surrounding their character.

5. How can I stay updated on “One Piece” releases? To stay up to date with the latest releases and news about “One Piece,” follow official sources, such as the manga’s official website or social media channels.

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