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randy larson iowa city | Randy Larson Obituary And Death (17 July 2023)

Remembering Randy Larson: A Dedicated Iowa City Legend

In the bustling city of Iowa, an influential figure named Randy Larson left an indelible mark on the community. Known for his boundless energy, unwavering determination, and love for basketball, Larson’s life was a testament to resilience and the pursuit of one’s passions. This article aims to honor his legacy by recounting his journey, his contributions to the Iowa Hawkeyes, and his impact on the local sports community.

In Iowa City, Randy Larson was more than just a local figure; he was an embodiment of determination, passion, and community spirit. Throughout his life, Larson faced numerous physical challenges but never allowed them to deter him from pursuing his dreams. From his involvement in the restaurant business to his advocacy for Iowa Hawkeye basketball, Randy Larson touched the lives of many. This article pays tribute to his remarkable journey and the lasting impact he had on the Iowa community.

Randy Larson: A Man of Unyielding Spirit

Despite battling throat cancer and enduring the effects of multiple strokes, Randy Larson’s perseverance remained unshaken. Recognized for his immense courage, Larson never ceased to embrace life fully. At the age of 67, Randy Larson sadly passed away, leaving behind a legacy of determination and an unmatched work ethic that inspired all those who knew him.

The Passion for Iowa Hawkeye Basketball

Randy Larson’s love for basketball was infectious. Despite having graduated from Iowa State University, his devotion to the Iowa Hawkeyes was unwavering. He was a fixture at their games, providing unwavering support and becoming an integral part of the Iowa City basketball community.

The Creation of the Prime Time League

In collaboration with former Iowa men’s basketball coach Tom Davis, Randy Larson conceptualized the Prime Time League in the summer of 1987. This league aimed to provide a competitive and structured environment for Iowa players, facilitating their growth and development. Randy devoted countless hours as the commissioner of the league, serving as a mentor to aspiring players and fostering a sense of teamwork and discipline.

Larson’s Involvement in Women’s Basketball

Randy Larson’s commitment to basketball extended beyond the men’s game. He established the Game Time League for the Iowa women’s basketball team, ensuring they had the same opportunities for growth and development. Larson’s involvement in both men’s and women’s basketball demonstrated his genuine passion for the sport and his dedication to supporting athletes of all genders.

A Mentor and Supporter to Iowa Athletes

Randy Larson became a beloved figure among Iowa Hawkeye athletes. He not only provided legal counsel to many University of Iowa student-athletes but also offered unwavering support throughout their careers. Randy’s guidance and dedication left a lasting impact on numerous athletes, and his loss was deeply felt by the Iowa sports community.

Larson’s Role as a Coach and Educator

In addition to his extensive involvement in basketball, Randy Larson also found joy in coaching high school basketball. He served as the head boys basketball coach for Iowa City Regina, instilling in young players the values of teamwork and a love for the game. Larson’s coaching career added another dimension to his multifaceted contributions to the world of basketball.

Larson and the Noon League: A Dominant Force

Randy Larson’s passion for basketball extended beyond organized leagues. He was a familiar face in the noon league, a pickup basketball league held at the University of Iowa Field House. Known as the unofficial commissioner of the league, Larson’s team was a force to be reckoned with. His skill, dedication, and constant communication on the court made him a respected figure in the local basketball scene.

Fond Memories of Larson

Countless individuals have fond memories of Randy Larson. From his impactful presence on the court to his tireless work behind the scenes, Larson made a lasting impression on the lives he touched. Friends, colleagues, and athletes alike remember his infectious enthusiasm, kind nature, and unparalleled work ethic. Randy Larson’s legacy lives on in the memories and hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him.

Randy Larson’s Lasting Legacy

Randy Larson’s contributions to the Iowa City community and the world of basketball will forever be remembered. His relentless spirit, dedication, and unwavering support for athletes left an indelible mark on the lives of many. Randy Larson’s passing is a profound loss, but his legacy serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their passions with boundless energy and determination.


In the face of significant challenges, Randy Larson exemplified what it means to live life to the fullest. His love for basketball, commitment to the Iowa Hawkeyes, and unwavering support for athletes showcased his remarkable character. Randy Larson’s impact on the Iowa City community will continue to resonate, reminding us of the importance of perseverance, dedication, and community involvement.


Q1: What made Randy Larson a beloved figure in the Iowa City community?

Randy Larson’s unwavering spirit, dedication to basketball, and support for athletes made him a beloved figure in the Iowa City community. His impact extended beyond his legal practice and restaurant ownership, touching the lives of countless individuals through his involvement in various sports initiatives.

Q2: How did Randy Larson contribute to the Iowa Hawkeyes?

Randy Larson’s contributions to the Iowa Hawkeyes were multifaceted. From providing legal counsel to student-athletes to establishing the Prime Time League and Game Time League, Larson actively supported and promoted the growth and development of Iowa Hawkeye basketball.

Q3: What was Randy Larson’s role in the Prime Time League?

Randy Larson served as the commissioner of the Prime Time League, a summer league that provided Iowa players with a structured and competitive environment. He dedicated countless hours to ensure the success of the league and the development of the athletes involved.

Q4: How did Randy Larson impact women’s basketball in Iowa?

Randy Larson’s passion for basketball extended to both men’s and women’s games. He established the Game Time League for the Iowa women’s basketball team, providing them with similar opportunities for growth and development as their male counterparts.

Q5: How will Randy Larson be remembered?

Randy Larson will be remembered for his unwavering determination, infectious enthusiasm, and contributions to the Iowa City community. His legacy serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their passions relentlessly and make a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

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