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Ben Askren UFC Record | Ben Askren MMA Record: A Wrestling Legend in the Octagon, UFC

Ben Askren UFC Record: Ben Askren, a renowned MMA fighter, left an indelible mark in the world of mixed martial arts with his extraordinary wrestling and grappling skills. In this article, we’ll delve into his remarkable career, analyzing his overall record, victories, defeats, and the titles he claimed throughout his time in the sport.

Overview of Ben Askren’s MMA Career

A Glance at the Numbers

Ben Askren’s impressive MMA record stands at 19-2-0 (1 NC). Out of his 19 wins, 6 were secured by knockout or technical knockout (KO/TKO), 6 by submission (SUB), and 4 by decision (DEC). On the other hand, he faced two losses, one by KO/TKO and the other by decision. Additionally, there was one no contest (NC) in his career.

Notable Victories

1. Jake Ellenberger (KO)

Askren showcased his striking prowess in this fight, securing a knockout victory over Jake Ellenberger.

2. Shinya Aoki (TKO)

In this thrilling encounter, Askren demonstrated his striking and ground skills, earning a TKO victory against the talented Shinya Aoki.

3. Andrey Koreshkov (UD)

Askren displayed his wrestling dominance, outpointing Andrey Koreshkov to secure a unanimous decision win.

4. Douglas Lima (UD)

In a fierce battle, Askren utilized his grappling to control Douglas Lima, claiming another unanimous decision victory.

5. Karl Amoussou (UD)

Askren’s relentless grappling style overwhelmed Karl Amoussou, leading to yet another unanimous decision win.

6. Jay Hieron (UD)

Jay Hieron was unable to handle Askren’s wrestling prowess, resulting in a unanimous decision victory for Askren.

7. Nick Thompson (UD)

Askren’s unmatched wrestling skills proved too much for Nick Thompson to handle, resulting in a unanimous decision victory.

8. Dan Hornbuckle (UD)

In an intense bout, Askren’s ground control and takedowns earned him a unanimous decision win over Dan Hornbuckle.

9. Ryan Thomas (UD)

Askren displayed his dominance yet again, securing a unanimous decision victory against Ryan Thomas.


1. Demian Maia (KO)

Demian Maia’s striking power was too much for Askren to handle, resulting in a knockout loss.

2. Robbie Lawler (KO)

In a highly anticipated match, Robbie Lawler landed a devastating KO blow, securing a victory over Askren.

No Contest

1. Jorge Masvidal (NC)

A memorable showdown between Askren and Jorge Masvidal ended in a no contest due to an accidental foul.

Ben Askren’s Unorthodox Style

Throughout his career, Askren was known for his unorthodox approach, primarily relying on his outstanding wrestling and grappling techniques. He was a master of the double leg takedown, which allowed him to dictate the pace of the fight by controlling his opponents on the ground. His unconventional style posed significant challenges to his adversaries, making him a formidable force inside the octagon.

Submission Specialist

Apart from his wrestling prowess, Askren was also a highly skilled submission artist. He secured 6 victories via submission, showcasing his ability to finish fights both on his feet and on the ground.

Conclusion – (Ben Askren UFC Record)

Ben Askren’s MMA journey was one of triumphs and challenges, where his exceptional wrestling and grappling skills allowed him to achieve greatness in the sport. Although his UFC tenure was relatively short-lived, he remains a respected figure in MMA history. With an impressive record of 19-2-0 (1 NC) and a former champion in both Bellator and ONE Championship, Ben Askren’s legacy in the world of mixed martial arts will be forever cherished.

FAQs – (Ben Askren UFC Record)

  1. Was Ben Askren solely known for his wrestling skills? While Ben Askren was renowned for his wrestling expertise, he also had a notable submission game, securing several wins via submission.
  2. How did Ben Askren’s career end? Ben Askren retired from MMA in 2019 following a loss to Jorge Masvidal in his UFC debut.
  3. What were Ben Askren’s titles during his career? Ben Askren held the Bellator Welterweight Championship and the ONE Welterweight Championship.
  4. Did Ben Askren ever experience a no-contest in his career? Yes, Ben Askren’s fight against Jorge Masvidal ended in a no contest due to an accidental foul.
  5. How many victories did Ben Askren secure by knockout? Ben Askren claimed 6 victories by knockout or technical knockout (KO/TKO) in his MMA career.

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