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Evan Pulley Chesapeake VA: heartfelt Evan Pulley obituary

A devastating incident occurred on Sunday night in Chesapeake, Virginia when a teenager, identified as Evan Pulley Chesapeake VA, tragically died after falling from a train trestle into a body of water below. The loss of this young life has left family and friends reeling during this incredibly difficult time.

Evan Pulley Chesapeake VA: Teenager Falls From Trestle and Dies in Chesapeake Accident

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, at approximately 7:08pm, Chesapeake police and fire units responded to a call stating that a teenage boy had fallen off of a train trestle in the 1000 block of Back Road. The 100-foot fall landed Pulley in the water below.

Authorities immediately began efforts to locate the teenager. Tragically, at 10:52pm, Pulley was found deceased under the water near the trestle where he had fallen hours earlier.

The Chesapeake Police Department has stated that Pulley’s death is being investigated as accidental in nature. The exact details surrounding the circumstances that led to Pulley’s fatal fall are not yet clear.

Evan Pulley Chesapeake VA: Loved Ones Mourn Loss of Teen With Whole Life Ahead of Him

While the police investigation continues, Evan Pulley’s family and friends are left mourning the loss of his young life. Pulley, who was in his late teens, had his whole life ahead of him before it was cut tragically short by this devastating accident.

Pulley was identified on social media by loved ones reeling from his death. He was the beloved grandson of Bonnie Gatlin Hollingsworth. His parents are Kari Hollingsworth Pulley and Randall Pulley. He also leaves behind his older brother, Caleb Pulley.

Friends of Pulley took to social media to remember him as the nicest guy who always tried to make those around him smile. His smile, jokes, voice and presence brought warmth to their lives. They wish they could hear his voice or get one more hug from their lost friend.

Long, Difficult Grief Journey Ahead for Loved Ones

In the wake of such an unexpected and sudden loss, Pulley’s family and friends have a long, difficult grief journey ahead of them. The last words they expected to hear from Pulley were goodbye. His loss leaves a hole in their lives.

Coping with the complex emotions grief brings is a rollercoaster ride filled with good days and bad. Making sure to nurture themselves and find support will be critical for Pulley’s loved ones as they mourn. Friends and family pulling together to share memories and comfort each other will help sustain them.

While the grief will always remain, in time joyful memories of Pulley’s life will start to emerge from the pain. His loved ones will honor Pulley’s memory by living their lives to the fullest, just as he would have wanted.

Circumstances of Trestle Fall Remain Unclear

The exact circumstances that resulted in Pulley’s 100-foot fall from the train trestle remain a mystery. Police have revealed little about what led to the teenager being on the trestle and why he fell.

Unanswered questions often compound the painful loss for grieving family and friends. Bringing them whatever closure that the final police investigation report allows will be important.

Preventing Similar Accidents Important to Honor Teen’s Memory

While nothing can be done to bring Evan Pulley back, preventing similar tragic accidents does matter. If any safety issues related to the train trestle contributed to Pulley’s death, they must be addressed.

Greater security and warning signs in dangerous areas may be needed to keep thrill-seeking teenagers from putting their lives at risk. Chesapeake officials need to determine if reasonable precautions could have prevented this tragedy.

Nothing will fill the hole left in the lives of those who loved Evan Pulley. In his memory, efforts should be made to stop history from repeating itself. Pulley’s life mattered. Protecting and saving young lives matters.

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