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William Anthony Rupp Stoughton WI| Explore the story of William Anthony shooting

A fatal shooting occurred in Stoughton, Wisconsin on Monday, August 21, 2023, resulting in the death of a teenage boy. The Stoughton community is rallying around the victim’s family as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident of William Anthony Rupp Stoughton WI.

William Anthony Rupp Stoughton WI: Police Dispatched to Shooting Scene

According to the Stoughton Police Department, officers responded to a shooting in the 900 block of Eisenhower Road around 6:40 PM. A male victim was found shot at the scene. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

Victim Identified as High School Student

While officials have not formally confirmed the victim’s identity, he has been named in social media posts and fundraisers as William Anthony Rupp, a student at Stoughton High School. Police Chief Daniel Jenks declined to provide details regarding the victim’s age or grade level, citing his status as a minor.

William Anthony Rupp Stoughton WI: Circumstances Remain Unclear

Chief Jenks stated the shooting occurred at a residence where the victim was a guest. However, authorities have not provided further information about what led to the fatal gun violence due to the ongoing investigation. No suspects have been named.

Community Mourns Tragic Loss

The shooting has left the city of Stoughton shocked and grieving over the loss of one of their own. Multiple fundraisers have been started to support the victim’s family during this difficult time. Local businesses are also collecting donations, showing the community’s solidarity.

School District Offers Counseling

Stoughton School District announced counseling services will be available for students and staff processing this devastating tragedy. The district declined to confirm the victim’s identity but said they are taking the matter very seriously.

Investigation Ongoing

While the circumstances that led to the teen’s death remain unclear, Stoughton PD is interviewing witnesses to piece together what transpired. Chief Jenks has refrained from categorizing the shooting as accidental or homicidal until the investigation progresses further.

Seeking Answers

This tragic loss of young life has left many unanswered questions and deep grief for the community. As police continue looking into the fatal shooting, they urge anyone with information to come forward and assist the efforts.


The town of Stoughton is rallying to support the victim’s family after the fatal shooting of a teenage boy, identified by community members as high school student William Anthony Rupp. As authorities investigate what led to this devastating tragedy, the community is also searching for answers and a path forward after the tragic loss of one of its youth.

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