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ABC’s The Golden Bachelor spoilers | Including Gerry Turner’s Final Two

The Spoilers From ABC’s ‘The Golden Bachelor’—Including Gerry Turner’s Final Two

The Golden Bachelor spoilers: ABC’s new reality dating show ‘The Golden Bachelor’ has finally premiered after much anticipation. The show features 71-year-old Gerry Turner from Indiana as he looks for love with 22 senior women contestants. While the finale won’t air until later this month, spoiler sleuth Reality Steve has already revealed key details about how Gerry’s journey ends. Here’s everything we know so far about the spoilers from ‘The Golden Bachelor’, including Gerry’s final two women.

Gerry Turner’s Background

Gerry is a widower who lost his wife several years ago. He has two adult daughters named Angie and Jenny who were nervous about their dad going on a dating show. But Gerry felt his late wife would want him to find love again. Before appearing on ‘The Golden Bachelor’, Gerry lived a quiet life in Indiana and never expected to be on reality TV. However, he decided to take a chance for romance in his golden years.

Contestants Include Matt James’ Mom

There are 22 senior women competing for Gerry’s heart on the show. One notable cast member is Matt James’ mother Patty, who makes ‘The Golden Bachelor’ a family affair within the Bachelor Nation franchise. All of the female contestants are at least 60 years old, keeping with the theme of the show. It will be interesting to see how Gerry’s journey unfolds with so many mature women looking for love.

Gerry’s Final Three Hometown Dates

Per Reality Steve, Gerry only had three Hometown Dates instead of the usual four. His final three women who got to bring him home were Leslie Fhima, Theresa Nist, and Faith. Meeting the families is a huge step, which made Gerry’s final decision even more difficult.

Faith Gets Eliminated After Hometowns

Gerry faced a tough choice cutting the three finalists down to two for the Fantasy Suites. He ended up eliminating Faith after the Hometown Dates, according to Reality Steve. That left Theresa and Leslie as the last two women standing.

Fantasy Suites Don’t Make Gerry Nervous

For the Fantasy Suite dates, Gerry said he anticipated his experience would be quite different than younger contestants. While his daughters were more nervous about their dad spending a night alone with the women, Gerry didn’t seem concerned. He wants to build emotional connections, not just physical.

Gerry’s Final Two: Leslie and Theresa

After the Fantasy Suites, Gerry prepares for the Final Rose Ceremony. Reality Steve revealed that Gerry’s final two contestants are Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. It’s down to these two mature women for the proposal.

Gerry Films Finale in Costa Rica

Instead of the typical Bachelor mansion, Gerry’s final Rose Ceremony takes place in Costa Rica. With tropical scenery as the backdrop, Gerry will decide whether he wants to get down on one knee. Will he propose or leave the show single?

Who Will Get Gerry’s Final Rose?

The biggest question remains – who will Gerry choose in the end? Will it be Leslie, who sweeps him off his feet with her charm? Or will Theresa’s caring nature win him over? We’ll have to wait for the Final Rose Ceremony to air later this month to find out if Gerry takes the plunge into engagement.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s been groundbreaking watching a senior Bachelor find love in the franchise. Gerry’s sincerity and open heart have made this golden season one to remember. Here’s hoping he’s found someone special to ride off into the sunset with as they start an exciting new chapter together.

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