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chris keever oak ridge tn: Remember chris keever obituary


The Oak Ridge community is mourning the loss of Christopher “Chris” Keever, a cherished member of the community and the owner of Crafters Brew Market & Social. Chris keever oak ridge tn passed away suddenly on August 30, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of resilience, tenacity, and community spirit. In this article, we will remember Chris Keever and his contributions to Oak Ridge.

chris keever oak ridge tn: A Visionary Businessman

Chris Keever was a visionary businessman who made an everlasting imprint on the area with his bold decisions, tireless efforts, and infectious enthusiasm. He was the owner of Crafters Brew Market & Social, a unique blend of a bar, pub, and backyard gathering place that was casual and unpretentious while offering the finest craft beers available. Chris was a forward-thinking businessman who left a lasting impression on the community with his audacious choices, hard efforts, and contagious excitement. His success can be largely attributed to his capacity to spot opportunities where others might only see barriers.

chris keever oak ridge tn: A Devoted Community Leader

Chris Keever’s devotion to helping others was a major strength of his character. He recognized that prosperity in business and in a neighborhood go hand in hand. He was heavily invested in projects that promote economic growth, employment creation, and social advancement in the community. His compassion and integrity shone through in his sincere desire to see Oak Ridge thrive and its citizens prosper. He was a leader who emphasized teamwork and welcomed many perspectives.

chris keever oak ridge tn: More Than Just a Businessman

As the owner of Crafters Brew, Christopher Keever was more than just a businessman; he was a cherished member of the community, known for his vibrant spirit, boundless energy, and his unwavering commitment to making our neighborhood a better place. Chris was a visionary who had the remarkable capacity to see possibilities when others saw only difficulties. His legacy will continue to motivate all of us to think creatively, accept change, and persevere in the face of difficulties.

The Loss of a Beloved Community Member

The sudden passing of Christopher Keever has left the Oak Ridge community in profound sadness and disbelief. Details surrounding his passing remain shrouded in mystery, leaving friends and acquaintances grappling with shock and grief. Although Christopher “Chris” Keever will be sorely missed, his inventive energy and positive influence on our community will always be remembered.


Christopher “Chris” Keever was a beloved member of the Oak Ridge community, known for his entrepreneurial spirit, community involvement, and infectious enthusiasm. His sudden passing has left a void that can never be filled. As we remember Chris Keever, we celebrate his legacy of resilience, tenacity, and community spirit.

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