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Jim Tom Hedrick Obituary: Moonshiners Star Jim Tom Hedrick Has Died at Age 82

Jim Tom Hedrick from Moonshiners TV Series died after battling illness

Jim Tom Hedrick Obituary: Jim Tom Hedrick from Moonshiners TV Series died after battling illness

Jim Tom Hedrick Obituary: The moonshine community is mourning the loss of a legend with the passing of Jim Tom Hedrick at age 82. Jim Tom was one of the stars of the Discovery Channel reality show Moonshiners and a renowned artisan moonshine distiller. His death on September 6th, 2023 marks the end of an era in old-school bootlegging.

Jim Tom Hedrick Obituary: Keeping the Moonshine Tradition Alive

Jim Tom Hedrick dedicated his life to carrying on the Appalachian tradition of whiskey distilling. Born in 1940 in North Carolina, he grew up surrounded by generations of moonshiners. The craft was in his blood.

Jim Tom gained fame in recent years as part of the cast of Moonshiners. The show chronicled modern-day moonshiners like Jim Tom keeping their outlaw whiskey traditions alive. His impressive still-building skills and smooth rye whiskey recipes were featured.

But long before his reality TV fame, Jim Tom had spent decades perfecting his moonshine craft in the backwoods of the South. His authentic, handmade spirits were highly sought-after on the black market. Jim Tom took pride in making high-quality hooch true to his bootlegging roots.

An Authority in the Moonshine World

By the time he appeared on Moonshiners in his 70s, Jim Tom was already regarded as a legend by fellow moonshiners. His signature moonshine style and still-making mastery cemented his status as an authority.

Jim Tom was more than just a bootlegger – he was a gifted storyteller and teacher passing on generations of moonshining knowledge. His classic Appalachian rye recipe will be remembered and replicated by distillers for years to come.

Illness and Passing

In his final years, Jim Tom had been battling undisclosed health issues. But he continued making moonshine and filming for Moonshiners as long as possible.

Jim Tom Hedrick passed away peacefully at age 82 on September 6th, 2023 surrounded by family and friends. The moonshine community lost one of the last connections to their deep roots with his death.

Mourning in the Moonshine World

News of Jim Tom’s death has brought sadness to the moonshining community worldwide. As an original old-timer, his absence leaves a void for bootlegging purists.

The cast and crew of Moonshiners are especially grieving the loss of their colleague and friend. Jim Tom’s charm, humor, and wealth of knowledge made him a fan-favorite personality on the show.

His fellow moonshiners plan to pay tribute to Jim Tom by upholding his traditions and honoring his legacy as a master distiller. A toast of Jim Tom’s signature “shine” will serve as the highest honor.

Legacy of a Moonshine Legend

While Jim Tom Hedrick has passed, the legend of this moonshining master will certainly live on. His authentic techniques and signature flavors will continue to influence new generations of distillers.

Jim Tom’s story serves as an important record of old-fashioned Appalachian moonshining before it faded away entirely. Through him, the rich cultural history of outlaw whiskey-making will remain preserved and celebrated.

As we say goodbye to this one-of-a-kind moonshiner, let’s raise a mason jar of Jim Tom’s infamous rye in honor of his bootlegging legacy. Here’s to keeping the spirit of real moonshine alive.

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