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The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch

Apple TV+’s acclaimed series, “The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 4,” continues to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative. In the latest episode titled “White Noise,” the storyline revolves around the aftermath of cyber-attacks that exposed racial inequality within the UBA network. This revelation threatens to tarnish the network’s reputation and could lead to potential lawsuits. The episode masterfully delves into the tension between Cybil (played by Holland Taylor) and Christina (portrayed by Nicole Beharie), culminating in a dramatic live interview.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 4: Episode Recap

  • UBA grapples with rising stock prices and ratings, but the cyber-attacks’ repercussions loom large[1].
  • A leaked email from board member Cybil Reynolds reveals racist remarks directed at host Christina Hunter[1].
  • Cory, in an attempt to mitigate the situation, tries to dissuade Christina from taking legal action[1].
  • Layla uncovers pay disparities within UBA, leading to internal conflicts[1].
  • A live interview between Christina and Cybil results in Cybil’s disgrace and her subsequent removal from the board[1].
  • Cory’s efforts to salvage the company hit a roadblock when billionaire Paul shows disinterest in UBA[1].

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 4: Upcoming Episode: “The Green Light”

The next episode, titled “The Green Light,” is set to release on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023, at 12 am PT, with a duration of 53 minutes. Fans can stream the episode with an Apple TV+ subscription[1].

What to Expect in Future Episodes

As the series progresses, several key storylines are likely to unfold:

  • Cory’s Strategy: With his plans to rescue UBA thwarted, Cory might strategize anew, possibly seeking a fresh investor or billionaire ally to avert bankruptcy[1].
  • Bradley’s Pursuits: Bradley’s relentless pursuit of hard-hitting news stories might ruffle feathers within the network, potentially leading to conflicts with Cory and others[1].
  • Alex’s Ambitions: Alex’s aspirations to be recognized and to join the board might see her devising innovative solutions to recoup UBA’s losses[1].
  • Paul’s Decision: Given UBA’s rising popularity, Paul might reconsider Cory’s offer[1].


“The Morning Show” Season 3 Episode 4, titled “The Green Light,” promises to deliver another intense and thought-provoking installment of the series. As the characters navigate the fallout from the cyber-attacks, viewers can expect more twists and turns in the UBA network’s struggle for survival. Be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 27th, 2023, at 12 am PT, and don’t miss this highly anticipated episode on Apple TV+[1].

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