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Theresa Foiles Obituary: The community of Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale, NY is mourning the loss of beloved teacher Theresa “Terry” Foiles

Theresa Foiles Obituary: Theresa Foiles, Former Criminal Justice Teacher at Maria Regina High School, Has Died

Theresa Foiles Obituary: The community of Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale, NY is mourning the loss of beloved teacher Theresa “Terry” Foiles, who passed away suddenly this week. Foiles dedicated 17 years to teaching history and criminal justice at Maria Regina.

Theresa Foiles Obituary: Remembering Theresa Foiles’ Teaching Career

Theresa “Terry” Foiles was a devoted educator who taught history and criminal justice at Maria Regina High School for nearly two decades. She worked tirelessly to educate and advocate for students during her 17 years at the school.

Even after retiring in 2021, Foiles continued supporting the Maria Regina community by praying for teachers, staff, and students. She maintained caring connections to the school where she left a meaningful impact.

Foiles Remembered as Caring, Compassionate

Foiles is being remembered by the Maria Regina community as an exceptionally kind, caring soul. She showed compassion to all students and made them feel seen.

One parent recalled how thoughtful Foiles was when her own daughter passed away during high school. Foiles offered compassion and kindness to their grieving family.

Her thoughtful nature and advocacy for children made Foiles a beloved part of the Maria Regina community. She supported students throughout their educational journeys.

School Community Mourns Loss

The unexpected death of Theresa Foiles has left the entire Maria Regina High School community grief-stricken. She touched countless lives over nearly two decades as an educator.

Maria Regina expressed their condolences in a social media tribute remembering Foiles’ kindness and devotion to students. Her loss leaves a hole in the hearts of all who knew her.

Students who were impacted by Foiles’ teaching are sharing memories and mourning her passing. She made a profound difference in shaping young lives.

Dedicated to Daughters and Students

Beyond her career, Foiles was dedicated to her daughters and students. Friends say she was an amazing mother and educator who poured her heart into caring for others.

Foiles prioritized forming connections with students and advocating for their growth. Her selfless nature and devotion will be missed by the many lives she touched.

Though no longer physically present, Foiles’ spirit of compassion lives on through the students she dedicated herself to educating and uplifting.

Circumstances of Passing Unknown

The exact circumstances surrounding Foiles’ untimely death are not specified at this time. Maria Regina High School announced her passing in a social media post, but details are unknown.

Regardless of the cause, Theresa Foiles’ loss leaves a void in the Maria Regina community. She positively shaped countless students’ lives over nearly two decades as a teacher.

Community Sends Condolences

As news spread of Foiles’ death, community members shared heartfelt condolences with her family and the Maria Regina High School community.

Many expressed how Foiles positively impacted them or their children as a thoughtful, caring teacher. Her legacy will never be forgotten by the many students she taught and inspired.

Foiles clearly made a difference in so many lives. While she may be gone, her spirit continues impacting others through the lessons and compassion she imparted.

Funeral Arrangements Forthcoming

Final arrangements for Theresa Foiles are pending and will be announced soon by her family. The Maria Regina community hopes to honor her life and service at a future memorial service.

Though Foiles’ passing leaves a hole in their hearts, her caring nature and passion for teaching will continue inspiring students for generations to come.

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