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Who did bowie jane nominate? | Big Brother 25: Episode 28

Bowie Jane Shocks the “Big Brother” House With Her Nominations

Who did bowie jane nominate? The surprise eviction of Mecole last week turned the game upside down. With only 9 players left, the power dynamics in the “Big Brother” house became uncertain. This was especially true when underdog Bowie Jane won the Head of Household competition. Though Bowie Jane weighed her options, she ultimately went rogue with her nominations.

A Tough Call for the New HOH

As the new HOH, Bowie Jane struggled with deciding who to nominate. Some houseguests, like Blue and Cameron, pushed for power duo Cory and America to go up. But Bowie Jane felt loyalty towards Cory for keeping her safe in the past. She also trusted Cameron, who never targeted her during his HOH reign.

After consulting allies Matt and Jag, Bowie Jane set her sights on Felicia and Cirie. Lingering resentment over Felicia’s former alliance swayed Bowie Jane’s decision. Ultimately, she viewed Cirie as the most dangerous player who needed to be evicted.

Shocking Noms Catch Houseguests Off Guard

Bowie Jane’s nominations blindsided the other houseguests. For the fourth time this summer, Felicia found herself on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Cirie was nominated for the first time all season.

Both women vowed to fight to win the Power of Veto and save themselves. Cirie especially knew she was in big trouble and had to win Veto to stay alive in the game.

Backdoor Plans Materialize

Although Felicia and Cirie were the initial nominees, some players considered backdoor options. Cameron still wanted to target Cory and get him out immediately.

However, Matt and Jag floated the idea of backdooring Cameron instead. Despite their alliance, tensions were rising and trust was fading between the men.

Zingbot Returns to Host Critical Veto Comp

The upcoming Veto competition is more important than ever. Not only will Zingbot roast the houseguests, but the winner could change Bowie Jane’s nominations.

If Felicia or Cirie grab the Power of Veto, they can secure their safety. But if someone else wins, they may backdoor a big threat like Cory or Cameron.

An Eviction That Could Swing the Game

Thursday’s live show will send a key player to the jury house. Both Felicia and Cirie are in jeopardy, but Cirie seems to be Bowie Jane’s target. Whoever survives will become the first BB25 jury member.

Tune in on eviction night to see if Bowie Jane’s plan goes through. The game is heating up as the remaining houseguests battle it out for the $750,000 prize. The next eviction could majorly swing the power in the “Big Brother” house!

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