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Dale Wolfley Obituary: The Life and Legacy of Dale Wolfley, Former WVU Football Player and Sports Broadcaster

Dale Wolfley Obituary

Dale Wolfley Obituary: The recent passing of Dale Wolfley at the age of 56 has left many across the West Virginia University (WVU) community grieving the loss of a beloved former football player and respected sports broadcaster. Wolfley made enduring contributions to both the WVU football program and the world of sports media during his lifetime.

Wolfley’s Accomplished Football Career at WVU

During his time as an offensive lineman for the WVU Mountaineers football team from 1986 to 1990, Wolfley was a standout player. He initially began as a guard before switching to center for his senior season in 1990.

Wolfley was an integral part of the Mountaineers’ memorable undefeated regular season in 1988. Along with his teammates, he helped lead WVU to great success on the field. This undefeated regular season was a highlight of his accomplished college football career.

Football was a family affair for Wolfley. His brothers, Ron and Craig, also had impressive football careers. Following in their footsteps, Wolfley’s own sons, Stone and Maverick, continued the family legacy by playing college football after their father’s time on the field ended.

Transitioning from Football Player to Broadcaster

After hanging up his cleats, Wolfley smoothly transitioned into the world of sports broadcasting. He quickly became a familiar voice and face providing analysis and commentary on WVU football games.

Wolfley worked extensively as a radio and TV football color analyst for the Mountaineer Sports Network. His broadcasting career allowed him to share his insights and passion for WVU football with fellow fans and listeners.

In addition to covering WVU games, Wolfley also contributed to various other broadcasting projects. He worked with ESPN Radio and hosted several of his own shows, including “The 3 Wolf’s of Football,” “WolfMan’s Call,” and “MLP & Mountaineer Hardcourt Legends.”

Wolfley’s Enduring Legacy

Dale Wolfley made his mark at WVU through both his accomplishments on the football field and his insightful contributions as a broadcaster. He helped create many memorable moments for Mountaineers fans over the years.

Wolfley’s passing at the young age of 56 is a sad loss for the WVU community. He truly embodied the Mountaineer spirit through his enthusiasm, dedication and passion for WVU football.

Both as a player and broadcaster, Wolfley displayed an unwavering love for both the university and the game of football. This endeared him to generations of WVU students, alumni and supporters.

The legacy Dale Wolfley leaves behind at WVU will be long remembered. His impact on the football program and his role in bringing the action to life for fans will never be forgotten.

Early Life and Background

Before arriving at WVU, Wolfley came from an athletic family background. He grew up in Orchard Park, New York with football in his blood.

Wolfley’s journey at WVU began in the mid-1980s. After becoming a standout member of the Mountaineers football team, he graduated from the university with both athletic and academic achievements.

WVU Community Mourns the Loss

Wolfley’s untimely passing at age 56 came as difficult news for all those across the WVU community who knew him. He meant so much to so many as both a football player and broadcaster.

The loss of Dale Wolfley leaves a hole in the WVU football family. He will be dearly missed by former teammates, coaches, broadcasting colleagues, and legions of loyal fans.

However, the memories, accomplishments and goodwill Wolfley created during his career will live on forever at WVU. His spirit and passion for the Mountaineers will never fade.

Wolfley’s Lasting Mark on WVU Football

From helping lead the charge towards an undefeated regular season on the field to bringing lively commentary to broadcasts, Dale Wolfley made his mark on WVU football history.

Both as a player and broadcaster, Wolfley made significant contributions to the program. He helped create many standout moments that will be recounted among WVU football lore for years to come.

The legacy Dale Wolfley leaves at WVU will not be forgotten. He represented the university with great pride, talent and dedication throughout his career. Though he may be gone, his football legacy will continue to live on.

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