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One Piece 1092 spoilers | Highlights from Latest One Piece Chapter

Incident in One Piece Chapter 1092

One Piece 1092 spoilers: One Piece chapter 1092 titled “The “Tyrant Attacking Holy Land” Incident” begins with a cover page showing Jinbe swimming with remora fish stuck to him. The chapter then cuts to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise where Bartholomew Kuma suddenly appears and uses his signature “Ursus Shock” attack to wipe out the guards protecting the entrance. Some of the Celestial Dragons are injured in the blast as well.

Akainu Confronts Kuma in Mary Geoise

Admiral Akainu arrives on the scene and confronts Kuma, demanding to know why a mindless human weapon like him is attacking the Holy Land. Akainu wonders if someone has taken control of Kuma’s body. The two powerful fighters clash and Akainu melts part of Kuma’s face with his “Meigou” (Hellhound) magma attack, the same move he used against Whitebeard. However, Kuma does not defend himself and simply flees, disappearing from Mary Geoise.

Some Celestial Dragons shout at Akainu for failing to capture Kuma. It’s revealed that Mary Geoise’s food reserves are dangerously low as well. A short flashback shows Akainu telling Jewelry Bonney two years ago that her father willingly underwent modifications to become a Pacifista cyborg like Kuma.

Kizaru Battles Luffy on Egghead Island

The scene then cuts to Egghead Island where Kizaru is battling Luffy’s Snakeman form. They trade blows with Kizaru blocking Luffy’s rapid attacks using Armament Haki on his arms. Kizaru acknowledges Luffy’s strength in defeating Kaido while Luffy remains silent and focused.

To charge up a powerful attack, Kizaru flies far away from the island saying “Speed is power!” He then zooms back and kicks Luffy at full force, blowing him through the giant robot Vegaforce-01 which is completely destroyed. Franky was still inside the robot at the time. Brief flashbacks show Vegapunk proudly displaying Vegaforce-01 to Kizaru on a prior visit.

Bonney Attacks Kizaru as Luffy Responds

The Thousand Sunny survives the destruction, landing safely on island clouds. An enraged Bonney suddenly attacks Kizaru but ends up kicked into Egghead’s barrier. Kizaru warns her not to force him to hurt people he knows. He then warps directly into the control room where Vegapunk is.

In a dramatic double-page spread, a giant Luffy in Gear 5 form appears overhead and grabs Kizaru in his fist. Vegapunk, Nami, Usopp, Atlas, and Edison look shocked as Kizaru maintains a calm expression. The ancient robot’s eyes begin glowing, responding to Luffy’s presence.


Chapter 1092 showed Kuma launching a mysterious attack on Mary Geoise, clashing with Akainu and escaping while Kizaru battles Luffy and Bonney on Egghead. Luffy makes a grand entrance at the end to confront Kizaru directly. With the ancient weapon activating and situations worsening in both locations, the stakes feel higher than ever in One Piece’s Wano saga! Oda sensei delivers impressive action and intrigue, setting up more epic clashes and reveals in future chapters. Fans eagerly await the next installment!

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