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Zane Hennig Obituary: The Tragic Passing of Former Greenwood Police Officer Zane Hennig

Zane Hennig Obituary:

Zane Hennig Obituary: The recent apparent suicide of former Greenwood, Indiana police officer Zane Matthew Hennig has left many mourning the tragic loss of the respected veteran and father. Hennig resigned from the Greenwood Police Department in August 2022 amid controversy, but was building a new career path in private security at the time of his passing.

Hennig’s Background

Hennig was a U.S. Army infantry veteran who joined the Greenwood Police Department in June 2021. He served in the department for over a year before his resignation.

Outside of his work in law enforcement, Hennig was a devoted father to his young child. He shared this child with his longtime partner Kelsey, who was also his business partner.

Resignation from Police Department

In August 2022, Hennig was one of two officers who resigned from the Greenwood Police Department. This followed a lawsuit involving Hennig and four other officers for alleged civil rights violations.

Although Hennig was not among those convicted, he chose to resign alongside fellow officer Matthew. In total, five Greenwood PD officers were implicated in the controversial lawsuit.

Building a Private Security Company

After leaving the Greenwood Police Department, Hennig shifted his focus to building a private security company called Salient Defence Group. He founded this firm alongside Kelsey.

Salient Defence Group was created to be a full-service security provider, licensed at both state and federal levels. Hennig’s military and law enforcement background informed the mission and services of the company.

The organisation prided itself on having extensive security knowledge, cutting-edge tracking technologies, and an ability to help clients mitigate risks. Under Hennig’s leadership, Salient Defence Group was becoming a formidable new player in the private security industry.

Untimely Passing

Sadly, Hennig’s life and budding new career were cut short by his apparent suicide over the past weekend. The former police officer and Army veteran was discovered deceased, presumably taking his own life.

Hennig was believed to be only in his 30s at the time of his passing, making the loss even more tragic. His family, friends, and partners at Salient Defence Group have been left shocked and heartbroken by his untimely death.


Although his tenure with the Greenwood Police Department ended under troubling circumstances, Hennig was committed to continuing his passion for security, investigation, and protection in the private sector.

His service in the Army and local law enforcement demonstrated his desire to serve his community and country. Hennig was respected professionally for his strong capabilities and experience.

Personally, Hennig was a loving father and partner who shared his life with Kelsey as they raised their child together. His contributions to his family will not be forgotten despite his early passing.

Moving Forward

The tragic nature of Hennig’s apparent suicide underscores the importance of mental health, especially among veterans and law enforcement officers. His loved ones hope Hennig’s passing can reinforce the need for better mental health resources for those who serve.

Although he is gone too soon, Zane Hennig’s legacy and memory will live on through his family, friends, and those whose lives he touched through his security work and military service. His contributions will not be forgotten even amidst the pain of his sudden loss.

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