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Vincent Plicchi Obituary: Concern and Speculation After Inquisitor Ghost’s Distressing TikTok Live Video

Vincent Plicchi Obituary

Vincent Plicchi Obituary: Inquisitor Ghost, a popular Italian cosplayer known for his Call of Duty ‘Ghost’ character costumes, caused immense concern after a disturbing TikTok live video on October 9, 2023. The distressing stream appeared to show Inquisitor Ghost harming himself, though his current status and the details of the incident remain unconfirmed.

Vincent Plicchi Obituary: Allegations and Backlash

Prior to the alarming video, Inquisitor Ghost had faced serious accusations of inappropriate behavior involving minors. These grooming allegations circulated online, sparking significant backlash and harassment toward the TikTok star.

Inquisitor Ghost addressed the accusations in a TikTok live stream on October 9. However, the video took a dark turn that left viewers shocked and worried.

Disturbing Video Raises Questions

The TikTok live video showed Inquisitor Ghost sitting in a dim room speaking to the camera. Suddenly, the footage depicted glass breaking, a figure entering through a window, and vague scenes of urgent response efforts.

Many viewers believed the video showed Inquisitor Ghost attempting suicide. The stream subsequently ended, leaving his status unconfirmed and raising many questions about what transpired.

Reactions From the Online Community

The cryptic video caused instant reactions across social media, with many fans expressing heartbreak and condolences. Some users shared updates speculating about Inquisitor Ghost’s passing, though no official confirmation emerged.

The TikTok comments section was disabled on the video, limiting discussion. Across platforms like Twitter and Reddit, people responded with shock, anger, and concern over the incident’s impact.

Ongoing Uncertainty

In the days following the disturbing TikTok live stream, Inquisitor Ghost’s condition and the specifics of the incident remain unknown. Some have doubted the legitimacy of the original grooming accusations.

The motives behind Inquisitor Ghost’s actions on the live video are unclear, prompting intense speculation within the online community. The situation has highlighted the significant influence content creators wield along with the damaging impacts of harassment.


The alarming TikTok video by popular cosplayer Inquisitor Ghost left many unanswered questions and profound concern for his well-being. While his current status is unconfirmed, the incident served as a sobering reminder of the vital need for online compassion. Moving forward, focusing support toward those affected rather than harmful speculation can help bring some light to this painful moment.

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