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Kym Pfitzner Obituary:Remembering the Leadership of Red Cross CEO Kym Pfitzner

Kym Pfitzner Obituary

Kym Pfitzner Obituary: The humanitarian community is mourning the loss of Kym Pfitzner, who served as CEO of Australian Red Cross since January 2021. Pfitzner passed away suddenly, leaving behind grieving loved ones and a meaningful legacy of compassionate leadership.

Kym Pfitzner Obituary: Professional Background

With deep expertise in strategy, governance and executive management, Kym Pfitzner was highly accomplished even before joining Australian Red Cross. He held senior leadership roles across advertising, media and public companies.

Pfitzner brought invaluable experience guiding organizations through change to his CEO position. His vision and dedication led Red Cross through challenging times.

Commitment to Red Cross

After initially serving on the Audit and Risk Committee, Pfitzner stepped up as Interim CEO in September 2020 before officially taking the reins in January 2021.

He was passionate about advancing Red Cross’ humanitarian mission through wise strategy and governance. Pfitzner’s contributions strengthened the organization’s capacity to help vulnerable communities.

Academic Achievements

In addition to professional success, Pfitzner tirelessly pursued knowledge. He held multiple advanced degrees in fields from accounting to executive leadership.

At the time of his passing, Pfitzner was completing a PhD in Leadership – a testament to his dedication to personal growth.

Lasting Legacy

While Pfitzner’s sudden death leaves Red Cross heartbroken, his legacy of compassionate strength endures. The foundation he helped build allows Red Cross to further its mission of alleviating suffering.

Pfitzner’s determination to expand social impact through ethical leadership will continue inspiring others to serve. His contributions touched countless lives.


Kym Pfitzner devoted his talents to guiding Australian Red Cross with wisdom and care. While he passed too soon, Pfitzner’s legacy carries forward through the lives impacted by Red Cross’ vital work. We remember his generosity of spirit.

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