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Remembering HIV/AIDS Advocate Ron Rosenes and His Compassionate Legacy

Ron Rosenes: The Toronto, Ontario community has lost a pillar of strength and compassion

The Toronto, Ontario community has lost a pillar of strength and compassion with the recent passing of devoted HIV/AIDS advocate Ron Rosenes. Rosenes died on October 21, 2023 after battling HIV himself for over 40 years. He leaves behind a powerful legacy of activism, inclusion, and care.

Ron Rosenes Early Life and Education

A native of Toronto, Ron Rosenes attended Carleton University in the late 1960s. He later graduated with a Master of Arts from the University of Toronto in Slavic languages and literature.

Rosenes’ educational background helped inform his nuanced, compassionate approach to advocacy work.

HIV/AIDS Activism

For decades, Ron Rosenes provided a voice for those living with HIV/AIDS. He held leadership roles in organizations like the AIDS Committee of Toronto, HIV Legal Network, and the Canadian Treatment Action Council.

Rosenes fought tirelessly for access, dignity, and research. In 2014, he received the Order of Canada for his HIV/AIDS contributions.

Uplifting the Marginalized

Beyond HIV/AIDS specific work, Rosenes championed inclusivity for marginalized groups. He advanced LGBTQ+ causes and supported health services catering to diverse communities.

Rosenes fostered safe, welcoming spaces for all people to access care and feel valued. His empathy knew no bounds.

Lasting Community Impact

Ron Rosenes provided a model of courage, resilience, and service over his 40+ year journey with HIV. He improved countless lives through his advocacy.

Though deeply missed, Rosenes’ spirit endures through the more compassionate, just world he helped build. His legacy echoes through all who feel his loss.


A bright light dimmed when Toronto advocate Ron Rosenes recently passed. But his decades of determined activism sparked change that improves lives to this day. May his humanitarian spirit continue inspiring work for access, equity, and human dignity.

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