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Lessons in Chemistry Episode 5 on Apple TV+: Release Date, Time, and Plot Predictions

The fifth episode of the hit period comedy-drama ‘Lessons in Chemistry Episode 5‘ is set to release on Apple TV+ this Friday, November 4th. Here is everything viewers need to know about episode 5, from the release timing to plot predictions.

Lessons in Chemistry Episode 5 : Release Date and Time

Lessons in Chemistry episode 5 will debut on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 4, 2022 at 12 AM PT worldwide. The episode is titled ‘CH3COOH’ and runs approximately 44 minutes.

New episodes of the show’s inaugural season are released weekly on Fridays. The series stars Brie Larson as an aspiring scientist in 1950s America forced to pivot to TV cooking stardom.

Lessons in Chemistry Episode 5: Predictions for Episode 5

Based on the ending of episode 4 and trailers, here are some predictions for what may happen in Lessons in Chemistry episode 5:

  • Elizabeth accepts Walter’s offer to host a cooking show on television
  • Flashbacks show Elizabeth continuing her chemistry research and odd jobs in 1951
  • Harriet struggles with her marriage as she and her husband argue over their careers
  • Elizabeth spends more time with Reverend Wakely helping the community
  • More of Elizabeth and Donatti’s professional rivalry emerges
  • The show experiments with Elizabeth’s unconventional approach to cooking programming

Recap of Episode 4

In episode 4, Elizabeth gave birth but struggled as a single working mom with no income in 1951. Flashbacks to 1958 showed her daughter Mad being bullied for not having a traditional family.

After having no luck getting her old lab job back, Elizabeth stole equipment to build a home lab. Her neighbor Harriet supported her despite disapproving.

The episode ended with TV producer Walter once again offering Elizabeth a show. It seems she may accept the opportunity.

How to Watch

As an Apple TV+ exclusive series, Lessons in Chemistry can only be watched with an active subscription to Apple’s streaming service.

The first five episodes are available now, with new installments dropping weekly on Fridays. Fans can tune in on November 4th to catch the next chapter of this fascinating historical fiction.


With its stellar cast, compelling storyline, and themes of perseverance, Lessons in Chemistry continues to entertain critics and fans alike. The upcoming fifth episode promises more drama surrounding Elizabeth’s unconventional path forward in the 1950s. Viewers are eager to dive back into this engaging character’s world.

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