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Altona Cricket Club Mourns Death of Past President Jim Sheedy

Jim Sheedy Obituary

The Altona Cricket Club in Victoria, Australia is mourning the loss of one of their most respected members and leaders, past president Jim Sheedy, who sadly passed away on Friday, November 3rd, 2023. Sheedy dedicated decades of service to the club and made immense contributions to the sport of cricket in the local community.

Jim Sheedy’s Extensive Involvement with Altona Cricket

Jim Sheedy had been an active member of the Altona Cricket Club for over 30 years. He first joined the club in the late 1980s as a player, becoming known as a formidable all-rounder and future club leader.

After retiring from play, Sheedy took on coaching positions to pass on his deep knowledge of the game. In the 2000s, he was elected club president, a position he held for several terms over the next 10+ years.

Under Sheedy’s steady leadership, the club expanded programs for junior players and strengthened connections throughout the broader cricket community. His passion for the sport was unmatched.

Reputation as Dedicated Cricket Administrator

As president, Jim Sheedy focused on fostering sportsmanship, inclusion and enthusiasm for cricket at all levels. He led by example demonstrating his deep respect for the game.

Sheedy established new teams and leagues for younger players to develop skills and a love of cricket from a young age. He connected with local schools and youth organizations to promote the sport.

His fair, compassionate approach created a welcoming environment. Sheedy strived to uphold cricket’s highest standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of club leadership.

Response to News of Sheedy’s Passing

Word of Jim Sheedy’s death spread quickly among club members on November 3rd. The Altona Cricket Club shared the devastating news on their social media pages.

His passing shocked the tight-knit cricket community. Members expressed deep admiration for Sheedy’s contributions and sadness at the loss of a great leader and friend.

The club recognized his instrumental impact over the decades, noting that Sheedy’s legacy with Altona Cricket will live on. Condolences poured in from cricketers and clubs across Victoria.


The sudden death of Jim Sheedy has left a profound hole within the Altona Cricket Club in Victoria and the broader cricket community. As a player, coach, president, and lifelong ambassador of the sport, Sheedy embodied the spirit and ethics of cricket.

His passion fueled growth, acceptance and excellence within the club for over 30 years. While he will be dearly missed, Sheedy’s legacy will continue inspiring future generations of cricketers in Victoria and beyond.

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