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Newport Beach Mourns Unexpected Passing of Keyvan Cyrus Razi at 46

Keyvan Cyrus Razi Obituary

The community of Newport Beach, California is grieving the devastating loss of beloved resident Keyvan Cyrus Razi, who tragically passed away at the young age of 46. Keyvan, husband of Megan Razi and son of real estate developer Ali Razi, leaves behind heartbroken loved ones.

Shock and Grief Over Sudden Loss

The unexpected death of Keyvan Razi has shocked Newport Beach to its core. While the exact circumstances around his passing are still unconfirmed, reports suggest he may have died in an accident.

This devastating tragedy has been extremely painful for his wife, parents, and other loved ones to comprehend. Keyvan was a vibrant soul gone far too soon, leaving immense grief in his wake. His absence from the community he loved will be deeply felt.

A Passionate Real Estate Innovator

As Principal and President of The Stratham Group, Keyvan Razi made immense contributions to the Southern California real estate world over his 15+ year career. He had a gift for identifying growth opportunities and overseeing hundreds of development projects.

Razi played a key role in Stratham’s expansion through acquisitions and new ventures. His vision and negotiation skills established him as a leader despite his young age. Razi’s legacy will live on through the fruits of his labor.

A Pillar of the Local Community

Beyond just business, Keyvan Razi embedded himself in the Newport Beach community. He sat on the boards of industry groups in San Bernardino and Riverside, earning him their prestigious Builder of the Year award.

Razi’s passion for real estate was only rivaled by his love of community. His contributions locally and at Stratham improved life for countless Californians. Though he’s gone, Razi’s impact remains.

Honoring a Life Gone Too Soon

While nothing can fill the void left by Keyvan Razi’s passing, celebrating his memory provides some comfort amidst profound sadness. The Newport Beach community will come together in the days ahead to support his family and pay tribute to Razi’s remarkable life.

His spirit of innovation, ambition, and care for others will live on through all those he inspired. Though the community grieves his loss deeply, Razi’s light will never fully fade.

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