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The Perks of being a villain spoilers | Major Plot Points and Spoilers

The Perks of Being a Villainess – Major Plot Points and Spoilers

The Perks of being a villain: The popular manhwa “The Perks of Being a Villainess” features a female lead who gets transmigrated into the body of a villainess from a romance novel. She then uses her knowledge of the story to upend tropes and live her best life. Here are some of the major spoilers and plot points from this unique Otome Isekai story:

Getting Kicked Out for Attempted Murder

In the original novel, the villainess tries to murder a character and gets caught. She gets kicked out of the kingdom due to her family’s influence, under the pretense that she’ll die from neglect or the elements.

When the new female lead wakes up in her body, she immediately summons a demon named Theoharris (nicknamed Harry) to start a fire and survive the harsh environment. This leads to her contracting with Harry, which grants her magical powers.

Dumping Her Manipulative Fiancé

The villainess’ fiancé returns, trying to emotionally manipulate her into supporting him financially. The new female lead decides she’s not putting up with this and humiliates him before kicking him out for good.

This shows her refusal to be used by the story’s male characters, establishing her independence and subversion of Otome Isekai tropes.

Schooling the 2nd Prince and Knight

Two other love interests from the original novel, the 2nd Prince and a Knight, attempt to harass the female lead. She thoroughly destroys their egos and proves her competence, gaining the upper hand over these powerful male characters.

Earning Wyvern Taming Rights

Due to Harry’s destructive tendencies, the female lead ends up with the right to tame Wyverns. This grants her access to their powers, as she’s able to communicate and cooperate with the Wyvern Queen.

She then leverages this to control Harry, who has been wantonly killing Wyverns up until this point. This demonstrates her cleverness and ability to turn problems to her advantage.

Negotiating with the 2nd Prince

The female lead chooses to negotiate with the 2nd Prince over her scumbag ex-fiancé to get trade benefits for the northern region. She decides helping the competent prince benefits her people, showcasing her practicality and subtle compassion.

The 2nd Prince tricks her though, giving her a useless check and planning to sabotage her return to court. This betrayal sets up their antagonistic relationship going forward.

Magical Date at the Festival

The female lead’s maid tries to set her up on a date with the Knight at a festival. She avoids this by going with Harry instead, where she gets a magical ring tying her to her past life.

This shows her avoidance of following the original romance novel’s plot and forging her own path.

Foiling the Spy’s Schemes

Luke, a spy who previously ruined the villainess’ life, attempts to drug the female lead’s maid and steal her Wyvern secrets. But Harry sniffs him out, allowing the female lead to turn the tables and mess with Luke instead.

This satisfyingly averts the previous sabotage and highlights the female lead’s growing allies and power.

The Perks of Being a Villainess stands out for its ruthless, pragmatic female lead who discards useless love interests and seizes control of her destiny. Its subversion of Otome Isekai tropes makes for a fresh, entertaining story. Check it out if you enjoy strong female leads and anti-heroine antics!

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